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what is Social Media Marketing? & Social Media Optimization?


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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is used to promoting your content. it is about to entertain your audience giving them a piece of beneficiary information. social media what we know is to post videos or photos and what our aim is to run ads? right. But social media marketing is more than this it is not just limited to this, suppose a customer is not able to ask you for product informational then he can contact you from facebook by massage or tweet you on twitter these all are part of social media. social media also has a dynamic feature which is that to hire someone for a job without posting jobs on different platforms which are a mediator of this, Basically social media is beyond your imagination.

Social Media is also used for increasing and decreasing the company or firm image. this platform is used for maintaining public relations. for circulating content over the world or over the internet. For creating awareness we acquire the help of brand awareness ads for making a brand first you should spread the information about what the thing to be sold by the company.

Social Media Marketing is cost-effective but only at that time when you want to only make public relation. accounts on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. they create leverage value for your business.

Classification of Social Media Tools

social distributing

1.Blog, YouTube

Long-Range Social Communication




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